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Multiple JOINs


It seems that CamlJS doesn't allow me to build complex queries with multiple joins, say
OrderItems - Orders - Customers:
      <FieldRef Name="ID" />
    <FieldRef Name="LinkTitle" />
    <FieldRef Name="Amount" />
    <FieldRef Name="Product_x003a_Category" />
    <FieldRef Name="Country" />
    <Field Name='Country' Type='Lookup' List='Customers' ShowField='Country' />
    <Join Type='INNER' ListAlias='Orders'>
        <FieldRef Name='Order0' RefType='Id' />
        <FieldRef List='Orders' Name='ID' />
    <Join Type='INNER' ListAlias='Customers'>
        <FieldRef List='Orders' Name='Customer' RefType='Id' />
        <FieldRef List='Customers' Name='ID' />
  <RowLimit Paged="TRUE">1000</RowLimit>
I could not find an option to join a third list by column of already joined list. The List attribute of the source FieldRef (Orders in my sample) is missing in the code generated by CamlJS.